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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by danrog, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. danrog

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    Does anyone know what the different 'configure for' options actually do to the VM workload. I noticed that with the default option selected (which is Productivity), Outlook/Word/Excel/Visio has a hard time keeping up with my typing rate (which is odd, because thats what this workload is for). By this I mean it just seems sluggish rendering the text as I type and moving the cursor. Using something else, like Notepad++ I don't see this lag. The lag is pretty noticeable, and this is something with PD9 that was never an issue. My VM is Windows 7 and I use all sorts of apps that fit into each one of the categories they offer. So, what do they do exactly. I'm reluctant to change it right now because I have no idea what is does to the VM in the background and I don't feel like rebuilding it if it 'breaks' something that is irreversible.
  2. Greg.S


    I noticed it changed the RAM allocated to my VM from 8gb but I'm not sure what else yet - I can't actually log in past the Windows 8 "Welcome" screen...

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