PD11 mouse lag (All OSX guests)

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    Hi there,
    I just installed PD 11 (Demo) on my Mac running OS X 10.9.5. Now, all OS X virtual machines have their mouse lagging heavily. See for yourself in these 2 videos I just made:

    These are the same exact 2 VMs that were running fine (no mouse lagging) with PD 9.

    All my Linux or Windows VMs are working 100% with no issue at all. I've tried all proposed solutions found, but to no avail:
    - Increasing VRAM assigned to the VM to 256: Fail
    - Decrease VRAM to 128, then 64, then 32, then 16: Fail
    - Enable optimize for games for mouse settings: Fail
    - Activate Mouse pointer sticks at window edges: Fail.
    - Tried the boot flag: devices.usb.mouse=0: Mouse pointer disappears entirely.

    Now, I see that this issue has been reported more than a year ago to you guys and no sucessful solution has been provided yet. How can you help me solve this so I can buy my upgrade to PD 11? (PD 12 is not supported on Mavericks 10.9...)

    I have to test our VMs sucessfully before I can officially deploy a newer version of PD across my customers.

    So, now, what do I do?

  2. Hello rule225, please try to install Parallels tools manually and let us know if that makes any changes.

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