PD12 Messes Up Multiple Monitors

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MobyR, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. MobyR

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    I am very disappointed you sent out an email encouraging us to upgrade when there is a big problem with multiple monitors in PD12.
    I have two monitors working perfectly in Win 10 with PD11.

    As soon as I upgraded to PD 12 I could not have both monitors appear at the same time. Instead they are in separate OS X spaces, which completely defeats the purpose of multiple monitors.

    Please fix this problem before you send out emails encouraging people to upgrade.

    I am not amused that I had my time wasted and I am a loyal subscriber.
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  2. Dmitry@Parallels

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    Hi guys, I am happy to let you know that we were able to improve multi-monitor support in the new Parallels Desktop 14 version (see updates summary).

    With Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac installed simply disable 'Displays have separate spaces' > make sure that 'Use All Displays in Full Screen' is enabled (VM's menu bar > View) > enter Full Screen mode and you will be able to swipe between all displays at once. See how it works.

    We also did a bunch of improvements to multi-monitor support and overall product performance. Will be happy to hear your feedback.
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  3. SreechandraD

    SreechandraD Bit Poster

    I second this major issue.

    Each monitor in Windows is in its own OSX space. Totally unusable. Needs to be fixed ASAP.
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  4. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Kilo Poster

    Guys, could you please provide us with the following info for the further investigation:
    1. Problem report (using this KB) after the issue reproduction
    2. Detailed steps for reproduce
    3. Which type of connection you are using? (for example thunderbolt)
  5. Ken5

    Ken5 Bit Poster

    Same problem here! This is not the first Multi Monitor screw up - It's getting tiring!
    I've reported as above and can confirm it's a Thunderbolt connection.
    ASAP fix requested please.
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  6. marcusS

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    Dear Parallels team,

    Parallels 11 and 12 have a huge problem, and it is mentioned here and related to this post.

    My System: MAC-PRO 2008, 32G ram, lots of HD space, 2 thunderbolt screens attached.

    I was using Parallels 10 with OSX 'Lion' and finally had to go up to El Capitan. Therefore I decided to upgrade to the latest Parallels as well.

    This is what I saw, although, consider that this page is the results of many trials:

    §1 Installed Parallels 12 first. WinXP did not work anymore, black screen problem.
    Could not stop VM, hung forever, after force quit it hung again... frustrating.
    §2 Skipped back to Parallels 11. I copied one of my old Windoze XP images back and all uns fine, on dual screen, etc, just like yesterdays.
    [Please note that this only runs in demo mode now !!! for 14 days only]
    §3 Parallels Tools kicked in. After 60~70% it reported problems. It f*cked up the Windoze settings, unrecoverable. It gave a warning totally useless (no error reference) and also the 'here' option was unclickable. Reboot was the only option. (see attachment, I made a screenshot of that box)
    §4 After reboot, I have the minimum of screen resolution, the icons are as big as elephant ears and the other screen is black.
    §5 There are drivers missing that I never had to install before. (I believe that the virtual enviroment should care for it, but I have the feeling that some of those are overwritten during the install of the parallels tools.)
    §6 I saw that after auto-install of the parallels tools that in the Windoze VM Options list, display full screen options, that the tick box 'Use OSX Full Screen' was back to ON while I found in your help info that it should be switched OFF while using dual screen WinXP.
    §7 The other screen at least is not black anymore, but I am unable to change to dual screen. Also the backdrop picture has gone and WinXP has a plain blue screen drop (typical...)

    Conclusion: If the parallels tools did not start, I was happy, because I *saw* it working (= conclusion after a lot of trials)
    Sorry to say, but I wonder: Don't you guys have a proper test department??? Lots of folks with old tools use WinXP still, gone from windoze to MAC as an escape. Having this experience gave me goose bumps...

    Reinstalled Parallels 10 again, since this is the only escape for me now...
    Version 10 installed fine, no problems with my WinXP in dual-screen modus (used a backup *.pvm file)

    Hope that your team can fix this problem soon.

    All the best & Cheerio,


    1.png 2.png 3.png
  7. CraigL2


    I'm encountering the same issue. Running Windows 10 on P11 worked fine with "Use all displays in full screen". However after upgrading to P12, the second display is empty. Windows 10 seems to know it's there as it shows the second display in the display setting app, however if I click "Identify" or try to use it, nothing renders on the display. Seems like an issue with the parallels display driver
  8. michaelborland

    michaelborland Bit Poster

    Same problem. Troubleshooted for a bit, then rolled back to v11. It turns out that for some weird reason each screen is in it own space, so you can never see all the screens are he same time UNLESS you have "displays have separate spaces" checked. And when I checked the box and all 3 screens appeared, my keyboard couldn't type in screens 2 & 3 after a while.
  9. NathanH2

    NathanH2 Bit Poster

    This problem is happening on a 2012 iMac for me. Has worked fine with all previous releases. As soon as I installed v12 I am getting the blank monitor and confirm what others are indicating. The two "displays" are being placed in separate Spaces. This has NEVER been a problem and needs to be fixed immediately for use in a professional environment. I switch back and form between Mac/Win10 constantly thru my day and this has made it impossible. Going to try to roll back to v11 until this is fixed.

    The only workaround is a poor one. If you go under Mission Control settings, you can check the box for "Displays have separate spaces". It becomes painful as you have to switch to one then switch to the other to get both displays in sync to show up side by side.

    Incredibly frustrating and a serious bug that shouldn't have made it to the release version.
  10. BillM4

    BillM4 Bit Poster

    It's because they now force native OS X full screen, no emulation. Which is also why it sucks for people with single monitors. I used to be able to run a full screen VM, literally press Command + Space to wake up mac Spotlight, type "chrome", and the chrome web browser would start. The VM remained full screen and in the background so I frequently moved whatever I was doing on my mac to the side and could see both the VM apps running, and the mac apps running; effectively turning the running VM into a live background. Yet another inexplicably removed feature of a new PD release...
  11. Ken5

    Ken5 Bit Poster

    Gone back to PD11 - What a mess - There is also a notable abscence of any reply from Parallels. I am the Guy that they used the quote: "My Windows work better in Parallels than it ever did on my PC!". The won't be using my next quote!
  12. PaulChris@Parallels

    PaulChris@Parallels Product Expert Parallels Support

    Hello Guys, please be informed that Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Hotfix 1 (12.0.1-41296) was released and the issue has been addressed. Please update Parallels Desktop to the latest build http://kb.parallels.com/123948 Latest version always available here: www.parallels.com/directdownload/pd12 Please note that Parallels Tools also needs to be updated (Actions > Update Parallels Tools) and let us know how it works. Thanks!
  13. Ken5

    Ken5 Bit Poster

    Thank you.
  14. NicholasC1

    NicholasC1 Bit Poster

    No change - same problem. Installed 12.0.1-41296, upgraded tools and then re-installed just to confirm. When using multiple external displays (two in my case) while the MacBook is closed, The first display shows up in one space while the other monitor is black. The second display shows up in a separate space while the opposite monitor is black.
  15. GuyM1

    GuyM1 Bit Poster

    Applied 12.0.1-41296... Still having each monitor in a separate OSX space.
  16. DavidM16

    DavidM16 Bit Poster

    This hot fix / new parallels tools does not solve the problem with multiple monitors and having each one appear in a separate space when in full screen with use all displays selected. The problem persists.
  17. BillM4

    BillM4 Bit Poster

    41296 still has full screen emulation removed, so this is still NOT fixed... uggh... If you're going to keep removing features, will PD13 be a hardware appliance called a "PC?"
    I've reverted to PD11, which allows me to do this:
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  18. BillM4

    BillM4 Bit Poster

    Meanwhile... back in PD11...
  19. SreechandraD

    SreechandraD Bit Poster

    I'm also not seeing any change in the problem after the recent update.
  20. RyanP3

    RyanP3 Bit Poster

    Same issue. Reverted back to PD11
  21. SebastianoR

    SebastianoR Bit Poster

    Same issue. 3 monitors. I see 3 different space, one for every monitor. Unusable! :-(

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