PD13 Full Screen Issues with High Sierra

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    There have been other reports regarding full screen operation and High Sierra where there is screen distortion when switching to the full screen VM.
    The issues that I am running into involve full screen VMs and High Sierra, but they do NOT involve screen distortion. In short, whenever I try to switch to another space the VM keeps popping back up into the current space. The following provides more details.
    • MacBook Pro 15" Retina with Touch Bar
    • macOS High Sierra: Version 10.13.1 (17B48)
    • Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac: Version 13.2.0 (43213)
    • Windows 10 Pro VM: Version 1703 OS Build 15063.726
    I run the VM in full screen mode. (In PD11 I would run the VM in Full Screen mode but using the Parallels Full Screen mode and NOT the OSX full screen mode. Unfortunately, starting with PD12 that is no longer possible.) Anyway, when in full screen the VM appears on a separate macOS space. When I am in the VM, I can switch to Desktop 1 (the primary macOS desktop) using one of the following:
    1. Invoke Mission Control by using Cmd+M (or by pressing Ctrl+Alt, then move mouse down to dock, wait for the dock to appear, then click Mission Control icon), and the click Desktop at the top of the screen or one of the application windows.
    2. Three-finger swipe left using MacBook trackpad
    3. Press Cmd+1, which is the key combination that I have assigned to the "Switch to Desktop 1" Mission Control shortcut in the Keyboard settings.
    Needless to say, the Cmd+1 key combination is the fastest way to get to the macOS desktop. It's even faster than the trackpad, and when I am using an external monitor, my trackpad is not available.
    Okay, on to the problem. I start the VM and it comes just fine and goes into full screen mode. Now, if I press Cmd+1 or Three-Finger swipe left to get to Desktop 1, the desktop does start to switch and I can see desktop 1, but then just as the switch finishes, the full screen VM is displayed over desktop 1. In fact, the VM window has actually moved onto Desktop 1, but it is not recognized in Mission Control. After this happens, Mission Control still displays [Desktop] and [Parallels Desktop] at the top of the screen, but the [Parallels Desktop] space is now completely black. Also, the VM window does not appear in any of the windows displayed by Mission Control.
    At this point, you are pretty much stuck. The only way that I have been able to deal with the situation is to use Mission Control to switch to an application window that is running on Desktop 1 and avoid using the Three-Finger swipe or the "Switch to Desktop 1" shortcut. Of course, I am so used to using Cmd+1 I frequently forget and get into the odd state. The only way to get out of this is to exit full screen mode and then try again. Before the most recent PD13 update, the Mac menu associated with the VM would not appear when pressing Ctrl+Alt and moving the mouse to the top of the screen. In this case, then you had to use Mission Control to go to the PD13 Control Center window so that the Parallels Desktop menu would appear then you could use the Window menu to get to the VM menu, which you could then using to exit full screen mode. With the latest PD13 update, the Ctrl+Alt key is once again causing the VM mac menu to appear.
    If additional information is required to resolve this, please let me know. Also, I will once again plead for the resurrection of the old fullscreen mode of Parallels Desktop 11 and earlier. It worked SO MUCH BETTER.

  2. Ray Konopka

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    Perhaps my original post was too long to accurately visualize what I am experiencing with PD13, macOS High Sierra, and running a full screen VM. Therefore, I have created a screen capture of the behavior that I am seeing. As the video clearly shows, the contents of the VM get disconnected from the space that is created for the VM. Hopefully this will help to create a solution for this issue. As it stands now, running a VM in full screen mode is unreliable.

    ParallelsDesktopFullScreenIssues Video

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