PD13 Multiple Monitors Still a Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by SreechandraD, Aug 22, 2017.


Will you go to another Virtual Machine platform if this issue is not fixed and PD11 no longer works?

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  1. KennethF

    KennethF Bit Poster

    I am using Coherence as well, over 2 external monitors and my MacBook Pro. Windows 10 and PD13. Everything works reasonably well except for one thing--from time to time one of my external monitors will simply go blank for a few seconds, and then come back on. This has been going on for some time and it is very irritating. Anyone encounter this?
  2. MortenL

    MortenL Bit Poster

    I use two external monitors also. Never had that problem.
  3. ErnestC2


    I am having the same problem on a single external monitor. I am also having major stability problems with PD 13. How do you get someone at PD to actually talk to u=you when you're having problems.
  4. TomW6

    TomW6 Bit Poster

  5. TonyL4

    TonyL4 Bit Poster

    My corporate IT team upgraded me to PD 13 when they installed my new Windows 10 guest computer, and like all of you I am completely aghast that multi-display does not work properly. I have gotten it to work by using the Mission Control "Displays have separate Spaces" fix, but that to me makes my MAC side almost useless. This is unacceptable for a company the size of PD to ignore. I previously had switched from VMWare FUsion to Paralells based on the fact that back then VMWare was having significant issues with dual screens. Now I am stuck between the two largest vendors and their broken products.
  6. MarcusD2

    MarcusD2 Bit Poster

    Any official word on this from Parallels? They keep prompting me to upgrade given High Sierra is just around the corner, but I want the multiple displays to work the same way it does in PD11, which is exactly how I want it to be!
  7. TxAg

    TxAg Bit Poster

    So far Parallels 11 is working for me in High Sierra. I'd rather not have to switch to VMWare Fusion as 8.5 leaves a few things to be desired BUT it does support multiple monitors properly. I am eagerly awaiting Fusion 10 to see if I can drop PD11 altogether and move forward with a platform that is being actively developed. All Parallels has to do is add the custom fullscreen checkbox from PD11 to PD12 or PD13 and my problem would be solved. Why they haven't done so boggles my mind.
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