PD4 RC2: Tray Icons suggestions

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DOCa Cola, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but i cannot see a forum dedicated to 4.0.
    I just downloaded the Parallels Desktop 4.0 RC2 and installed windows xp on it. i am very impressed with the new features, especially to have the traybar icons now in the menu bar. i now have some suggestions.

    compared to the other icons (atleast in my menu bar) i think the distance between the windows icons is much to wide

    also it seems that the tray bar icons are always visible for all applications in the tray bar, an idea would be to couple the 'inactive icons' feature already in windows, so you could have an unhide button in the traybar similar to that already existant in the windows taskbar

    a little issue with the traybar icons that it is possible to open more than one of the menus at the same time. that is especially annoying when you have accidently clicked the wrong item, as the menu won't go away again. it is for example not possible to close the volume adjustment menu at all
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    Yes, we are working on this problem, in final build this will be fixed
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    Where'd you get it? :)

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