PD8 + dual display + Remote Desktop = weird

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by strells, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. strells

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    OK, here's a weird problem with the new PD8.

    I normally work in dual monitor mode, and I use Windows Remote Desktop a lot. I usually put it on my second display and maximize it to full screen. Because of the PD8 typing issue, to use Coherence I have to run in Crystal mode (haven't had a chance to restart my Mac to see if that fixes the issue).

    Strangely enough, when I put Remote Desktop in full screen on the second display, PD8 pops into Mountain Lion full screen mode, even though I'm not using full screen and even though I have the "Use Mac OS X Full Screen" option turned off!

    I'm not sure why Coherence + crystal mode + second display + full screen remote desktop = Mac OS full screen mode.

  2. juzci

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    thank you for feedback, we do appreciate it!
    To investigate the issue we need some technical information, so could you please reproduce it, send us Problem Report as described in http://kb.parallels.com/en/9058 and give me an ID?

    Thanks in advance,
  3. DenisO

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    You can turn off this feature in VM configuration: goto Options/Coherence and uncheck "Allow applications to switch to full screen"

  4. EdsonS

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    Thanks for that update. Is there a reason this is on automatically? Would be great if not especially when upgrading an existing machine.

    By re ticking crystal and unticking the full screen mode I do get the flickering again within coherence mode that I was experiencing within VMs before. Unticking the coherence helps me to not have flickering anymore.


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  5. Mattster

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    Still a bug in using Full screen and Remote Desktop

    PD8: Coherence, Crystal, and Remote Desktop issue
    Using PD8 in Coherence mode working on Mac 10.7.4. PD8 OS is Windows 7. I use windows RDP (Remote Desktop) through a VPN connection. I like full screen RDP and that seems to work well. I have 2 monitors and can move the start menu to my other screen so RDP desktop has it's start menu bar on the other full screen window (which is also over the Mac dashboard). The other monitor is available for PD8 or the Mac apps. This seems to work well.

    Once I click on Crystal mode to get the PD icon in the Mac menu bar, that is where things get weird. I then try to make the RDP window full screen, PD8 attempts to use the Mac's full screen mode which doesn't work well with dual monitors. The second monitor begins to show the blank metallic background, then PD8 stops doing the full screen mode mid-stream, then the RDP window goes back to a non-full screen window.

    Unclicking the Crystal mode in PD8 preferences stops this behavior where both monitors work fine. Click the Crystal mode on again and the issue is repeatable.

    Unchecking the configuration "Use Mac Full Screen" seems to help, although still a little buggy. After unchecking "Use Mac Full Screen", then starting RDP, PD8 still attempts to go to the full screen mode where both screens are being used, then stops mid-stream resulting in RDP being in a smaller window and not full screen. The difference here is that, going back to RDP and moving the window to the top to initiate full screen on that monitor now works and stays full screen.

    So easy work around, but a little buggy. However, going to Mac Mail, then going back to RDP on the other monitor causes PD8 to attempt to go to full screen again, which stops mid-stream, then RDP window is no longer full screen. Using IE in PD8 works and doesn't do this like RDP. Maybe the RDP which has a hide menu at top is handled differently?
  6. gwolanin

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    This fixed my "weird" display as well. When I would choose full screen for one of the monitors, I would get a flashing display back and forth.

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