PD9 - Coherence+MultiMonitors, I was going to say it's fixed.

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bobm, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Parallels 8 broke the Coherence + multiple monitors mode. The symptoms are that a window will no longer come forward with a alt-tab and sometimes even clicking on the window doesn't bring it forward.

    I installed PD9 with the hope that they knew of the issue (it's been complained about here and I and others have opened trouble tickets on it) and that they fixed it in 9.

    Well for 2 days everything worked well and then today (day 3 of a running VM) I was no longer able to get background windows to come forward.

    What's interesting is it appears that Windows Explorer also hung and it had to restart itself.

    A reboot gets me back to a working system with Coherence enabled but sadly going to PD9 didn't fix the only issue I have with Parallels (really, this is my only complaint).

    It should be note that when Coherence is working it is so better than what Fusion offers.

    PD9-OSX 10.8.2- WinXP

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