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    To add a personal radio that plays in the background where you can add mp3, iTunes, or other audio forms onto it.
    Settings can include when it starts to play (On computer start up, turn off when you open certain applications, or when a certain amount of time passes)
    It can include the picture of the album cover, time remaining in the song, volume settings, etc.
    This would free up space from accessing iTunes or other windowed medias, add less background activity, and hopefully a smaller UI to make the process quick and simple. It would also add convenience to multitasking if you need the music to stop for something more important like FaceTime and other communication related activities.
    Adding a feature that would enable users to customize the look of the interface could add more personality to this tool, but is not necessary.
    If customization would be possible, then maybe users could be given the chance to make animations on the UI that would be affected by the music's bass/volume in the song. This is optional if at all possible.

    If you have any input or suggestions for this idea, then feel free to comment below.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion
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