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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by uwe, May 4, 2006.

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    Stacey M

    Let me allow to thank the Parallels team first, to give "the rest of us" such a promising solution to work with WIN, after all this years of nightmare with VPC.

    My questions is:

    I am just using Parallels to see how websites I have designed, are looking in certain WIN browsers. I have enabled Personal Websharing on my MacBook and transfered the site to the designated folder (Library->Web Server->Documents). If I am trying to get to the site from within the VM, using XP, I get a connection timeout. With Safari it is working fine. Okay I dont have any idea about WIN, after nearly 20 years with Macs, so there could be some settings I have to take care of etc. But the strange thing is, that it was working fine before I have installed my website there, with the preinstalled Apache index.html.

    Any idea what I can do?

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    What works for me is

    In the Sharing prefpane under the internet tab -
    Share connection from: Airport
    To computers using: Ethernet Adapter (en2)

    Ethernet Adapter (en2) does not need to be enabled in the Network prefpane btw.

    In Parallels Workstation under Network Adapter -
    Check 'Enabled'
    Check 'Connect cable at startup'
    Select 'Host-only networking' from emulation

    In Parallels Workstation preferences under DHCP use for both scope start address and scope end address.

    You should be able to get an IP address in XP this way. Surely there's a Wizard itching to help you with this.

    I must add that I get IP adresses from the DSL modem with the Airport base station acting as a bridge (if that makes any difference).

    I've got a website in Library/Webserver too, but I don't see how that could affect networking. Maybe it's just a coincidence?
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