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    I've been loyally using Parallels Desktop for nearly a decade, and have purchased numerous ~$70 upgrades over the years (when I wanted/needed to upgrade). The last upgrade I made I chose the Pro version to try it out for a year. I'm almost certain that I read on your site that I would be able to continue using the product (without updates or a downgrade to the non-Pro version) if I chose not to renew my subscription after a year. So I paid a little extra to try out the Pro version.

    Well, fast-forward a year and this happens:
    1.) My Parallels VMs cannot be used because my software has expired. Your software is essentially expensive ransomware. If I want to access my VMs, I have no choice but to pay for a renewal. Hell of a way to treat customers that have paid you several hundred dollars.
    2.) The promised renewal fee when I initially subscribed was quoted as $49.99/yr. I still have the original invoice from where I paid that said I would owe $49.99 in a year to renew. However, a year later the renewal fee is now $52.99/yr! That's not what I agreed to, but what choice do I have? Will next year be $69.99/yr, and then after that $99.99/yr? Who knows? You obviously choose to do whatever you want.
    3.) My initial reaction was to refuse to renew and switch to VirtualBox or VMWare. However, I'm a very busy person, and although I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO, I logged in to your web site and paid the $52.99 to renew for a year. My plan is to continue working on important stuff and over the next 12 months work on migrating to a different VM so that I won't be held at your mercy come renewal time. HOWEVER, even though I paid $52.99 to renew, I STILL CANNOT USE PARALLELS! It is asking for not only my current license key, but for my previous license key! I've looked on my account profile. I've looked at all of my past invoices, but the previous keys are not there! Only my current key is shown. WHERE CAN I FIND MY PREVIOUS KEY? If it's required, it should be shown on my account page!!!!!!!!!!!

    A solution that would be fair and keep me as a customer:
    - Provide me with a key to use the standard version of Parallels and refund the Pro subscription that I just paid for. After using it for a year, I don't need any of the Pro features. I don't see how this is unreasonable since I paid more than the cost of the standard version, which I could still be using right now...


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