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    I'm constantly getting reminders to allow SmartGuard to make snapshots while in the middle of updating Windows. My choices are to either Cancel, or Accept. Nobody wants to take a snapshot in the middle of updating. And Cancel prevents the snapshot for another day. Both of these are silly options. Furthermore, multiple dialogs asking to create snapshots will appear at a single time if you have multiple VMs, grinding the machine to a halt when they all start at the same time.

    Please, provide some love to this area. Sequence the snapshot events, and allow a pause or delay option.
  2. Hello Mr.c.,
    The SmartGuard functionality allows you to automate snapshots creation, you can manage the time of Automatic snapshot creation.
    Select Actions(on Apple menu bar) -> Configure -> Backup -> click on "Details" near SmartGurad.
    Note: Uncheck -> "notify me before snapshot creation" if you don't want to get any popup while in the middle of work.
    For detailed information on SmartGuard feature kindly refer to this article.
    Kindly let us know how it works.
  3. Mr. C.

    Mr. C. Bit Poster

    Pradeep - you reply is both incorrect, and does not address the request.

    It is incorrect because you cannot manage the time of automatic snapshot (you can manage how frequently they are attempted).

    It doesn't address the request, because the problem isn't the time of creation, or even of being notified of a pending creation.... The problem is Parallels offers to take Snapshots routinely in the middle of certain activities, and so there needs to be a user-controlled DELAY in the dialog so that snapshots are not created when inappropriate. For example: I want a snapshot to be created, but in say, 5 minutes from now when my Windows Update has completed, or my Quicken Online banking downloads have finished.

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