Please codesign all Parallel Tools so they are compatible with Windows 11 Smart App Control

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by JeffreyS12, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. JeffreyS12

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    Smart App Control is a new security feature coming soon to Windows 11. It will change the security model for apps on Windows to prefer signed code and block unsigned code that isn't well-known to Microsoft's app intelligence services. Since Parallel Tools are not currently signed, these will be blocked by default if Smart App Control is turned on. Please sign your code with a certificate issued by one of the certificate authorities that are part of Microsoft's trusted root program. Note also that Microsoft is working on a new online code signing service called Azure Codesigning Service, which would also be an option for signing Parallel Tools
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  2. Dmitry@Parallels

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    Hi @JeffreyS12, thanks a lot for the suggestion, we will certainly review this shortly.

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