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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Pineapple, Aug 10, 2007.

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    I'm new on the Macintosh "scene" and am trying my best, but i have a couple small problems :-S

    Earlier today I installed Parallels and Windows Professional on my new MacBook. It took me two trys til it worked ;-)
    I've got Parallels 2.5 and I was told that with that version I was able to use my built in isight with Windows. I downloaded MSN Messenger on Windows but it wouldn't find the camera. So that confuses me some..

    Then I tried to download the update for Parallels. Well I'm sure I downloaded it, I got through the setup but nothing changed. That's really weird. I must have done something wrong, or I must've forgotten something but I don't know what it is.

    Can someone give me some instructions, please? That would really be great.

    I'm German so I might have some small problems to understand really complicated stuff but I'll try my best, but I'll try whatever I can :)

    Thank you so much in advance,

  2. AngryAnt

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    iSight needs to be made accessible to Parallels first - part for security and part for resource optimization (each time you make a new OS X device available to Parallels - CPU levels will rise some).

    I'm using 3.0 so I'm not sure the menus are the same as in 2.5, but at least they should be similar.

    To manage the devices available to Parallels go to the Devices menu. From here your iSight should be listed in the USB sub-menu. Click it to activate it and windows should notice it right away.

    If you're very interested in CPU load or you're running Parallels on battery you might want to disable as many devices as possible. Even muting sound makes a difference. I myself rarely use Parallels when I'm running off the battery so I have network, sound and a shared folder activated constantly.

    If you're experiencing problems with response from or discovery of devices from your VM then the Devices menu should be your first stop in solving the problem.
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    Thank you, AngryAnt.

    I made iSight accessible to Parallels. Windows asked for some Software update for the iSight but couldn't find any. And I still cannot use iSight for MSN Messnger :-S
    Sometimes I use the battery aswell. May I ask, what's CPU load?

    Can you tell me what to do after I downloaded the update for Parallels? I'd love to have Parallels 3.0. I did the setup again but, as I told in my thread, nothing ever changed. Have you got any advice for me on that?

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    I can be wrong but i think that isight doesn't work with microsoft messenger.

    You can download Mercury Messenger or Yahoo messenger, it's support isight
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    Hope somebody knows where the iSight drivers are supposed to be located in the Windows OS.

    The file names are:

    thanks to anyone who knows this info. Parallels tech support helped me obtain these drivers but there is no installer to properly put them where they belong.

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