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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Bill McCumber, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter

    Ha! Never been there... have one about 10 miles from me.

    Maybe I should check it out so I know what the big laugh is all about :D
  2. joem


    Clarification in response to personal attack

    Since we are talking about computing experience in this forum, I guess my talking about computing experiences is pretty much on topic, and your reverting to a personal attack and name calling seems a bit out of place and unhelpful.

    I stand by my priority list. If it WORKS, I'll use it, and while good looks (a judgement call we may not agree on) is a nice addition, it's at the bottom of MY priority list.

    I think that feedback may be useful to the developers even if you disagree (which is your right). I'd much rather have an ugly interface than even one kernal panic a month. That's my main point. Make it work properly, with a rich feature set NOW, and fix the looks some day when you have a chance would be my request to the developers.
  3. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Agreed 100%. I just had a kernel panic and I'd really prefer not to have to worry about it but instead have confidence to use this to do my development work in windows without OS X having a kernel panic.

    Stability and reliability first. I don't spend a lot of time poking around on the interface anyway... I open parallels, fire up the vm, and go...
  4. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter

    I hear you guys... Stability IS important...

    However, and having worked for technology companies previously... typically one person or team is responsible for the GUI, and someone else or another team is responsible for all the low level code.

    However, this is not ALWAYS the case, but is a good idea.

    If you have the engineers doing the low level coding designing the interface, those guys can be a weird bunch and have their own "quirky" ways of doing things (which usually end in thoughts of "it's good enough or easy enough for Me")... which get's handed down to the software. Bad Bad Bad.

    So if someone is already tasked with the UI elements... they aren't being taken away from the actual code base.

    Of course, we have NO IDEA how the software implementation is handled at Parallels... so ALL OF THIS may be a moot point, anyhow!

    All I'm trying to get at is when you go buy a Porsche... you get beauty, functionality, and flawless performance with no *kernal panics*... lol.

    When you go buy a Pontiac... you get OK transportation with horrible fit and finish and tacky side moulding plastic that looks like a 3rd grade ricer designed it.

    Nothing wrong with releaseing a product that is finished in ALL ASPECTS!

    I want the Porsche Parallels, NOT the Pontiac Aztek Parallels :)

    Thats all! Give me EVERYTHING, BABY! LOL
  5. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter

    Let me add this:

    There are fewer Porsche customers than Pontiac customers... and many Pontiac or other similar manufacturers' customers don't really care about looks... they want reliable transportation.

    To each their own.

    I just happen to be a customer that basis his purchasing decision on ALL THINGS, including looks...

    However, software being what it is... if it doesn't work... even a pretty face doesn't allow it to go far.

    Most Mac Software has NO PROBLEMS being reliable and great looking... so no reason we can't have that here, too ! :)

    And sorry if I'm being a jerk re: Pontiac fans... hehe... I'm selling my Volvo to buy the last model GTO... and I sat in it for the first time today... wow what a drive... but OMG what horrible fit and finish... esp. coming from European Cars...

    I was remarking to the sales rep about the fit and finish... and he got all weirded out and started whining "I'll put this fit and finish against ANYTHING europe has to offer" :p What a putz.

    During the test drive... I pointed out how the Traction Control button was locking and unlocking the doors... he kinda shut up after that :D
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