Plesk 6.5.2 Reissued!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Todd L. Crumpler, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Todd L. Crumpler

    Todd L. Crumpler Member

    SWsoft has re-issued the Plesk 6.5.2 (SP2) for Windows patch and build. Download a copy of the new Windows Service Pack 2 for Plesk Windows today from:

    Plesk 6.5.2 for Windows
    plesk6.5.2 build040310.14
    release notes 174MB

    Be sure to review the product user manual and the system requirements to ensure proper operation of Plesk. For information regarding known problems, new features and bug-fixes please refer to the product release notes.
  2. marcbote

    marcbote Guest

    Dear Todd:

    what we have to do people who has installed the old sp2 withou errors? I know that exists more diferences between old an new, Some person from the suport team says to me that will apear a hotfix, but we are waiting 2 weeks :-(

    Thanks for all

    Kind Regards


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