Plesk 6.5 ServicePack 1 Patch released!

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    SWsoft has released a Service Pack for Plesk 6.5 Windows software

    This Service Pack 1 works only on Plesk version 6.5 build 031125.18
    Plesk 6.5 Service Pack 1 for Windows will NOT work with any other Plesk installations. Before installing Service Pack 1 check your Plesk version and build in the Plesk Interface as Admin in the "Server"=>"Statistics" page.

    Before starting the installation process we strongly recommend that you create
    a full system backup of the entire server.

    We also strongly recommend that you refer to the product installation instructions
    and the product user manual prior to upgrading/installing and operating Plesk.

    Plesk 6.5 ServicePack 1
    ServicePack 1 build040120.16 for Windows Server 2000 or 2003
    SP1 Release Notes

    Plesk 6.5 Service Pack 1 Installation Instructions

    The Plesk 6.5 Service Pack 1 installation requires Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 3
    or above or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Plesk version 6.5 build 031125.18 already
    installed on your system.

    1. Log in as "Administrator" or another user with Administrator's privileges.

    2. Change your working directory to the directory where the Plesk Service Pack distribution resides.

    3. Run the installer.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    5. When the installation is finished, reboot confirmation will be requested.

    6. After reboot Plesk will have started automatically.
    You will be able to login to Plesk as before. All login names and
    passwords will remain unchanged.


    What's new in Plesk v.6.5.sp1 build 040120.16

    [+] The reconfigurator.exe utility included in Plesk distribution.
    [*] Plesk now supports IIS 6 native mode.
    [+] Subdomains management utility subdomain.exe added to the Creation Utilities set.
    [-] Plesk does not require "Users" group existence for proper installation now.
    [-] Problem with ASP.NET hosting eliminated.
    [+] Microsoft Access support added to ODBC.
    [-] Problems with client and domain templates editing eliminated.
    [-] Global Changes functionality handles Tomcat domain service status properly now.
    [*] Multiple interface fixes and improvements.
    [-] Problem with multiple IP aliases adding eliminated.
    [-] FTP traffic counted properly now.
    [-] ASP Parent Paths are enabled now.
    [-] Problem with CA certificates utilization eliminated.
    [-] Problem with MIME types in IIS configuration eliminated.
    [-] Problem with statistics scheduling eliminated.
    [-] Problem with large FrontPage Web publication eliminated.
    [-] Protected directories with mixed- and upper-case names work properly now.
    [*] MailEnable version changed to 1.71 Standard (problem with mailing lists creation eliminated).
    [-] Databases with mixed- and upper-case names work properly now.


    What's new in Plesk v.6.5 build 031125.18

    [-] Problem with mail headers parsing by autoresponder fixed.
    [-] Problem with interpretation of MLS option in license key fixed.


    What's new in Plesk v.6.5 build 031114.17

    [+] New OS'es are supported (Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 3 or above and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server).
    [+] IIS 5.0 or 6.0 is used as HTTP(S)- and FTP-server.
    [+] Native SSI, ASP and FrontPage support is controllable using Plesk.
    [+] Mail Enable 1.703 is used as SMTP- and POP3-server.
    [+] MS SQL and MySQL RDBMS are controllable using Plesk.
    [+] MySQL version changed to 4.0.15
    [+] ODBC support added.
    [+] Subdomains support added.
    [+] Ability to control Plesk CP sessions via Plesk interface added.
    [+] New interface design.
    [+] Plesk services are controllable now through system tray utility.
    [+] The path bar was added at the top of each page to simplify navigation through the interface.
    [+] The self-descriptiveness of lists increased substantially.
    [+] Information about components versions added in Plesk interface.
    [+] Ability to have many CP sessions simultaneously under one login is controllable now.
    [+] Information about memory usage added in Plesk interface.
    [+] Ability to manage custom buttons via Plesk interface added.

    [+] new feature
    [-] bug fixed or removed
    [*] bug fixed and improvement made


    Known Issue:

    1. The MailEnable component version is incorrectly displayed in the control panel as 1.703.
    It is in fact 1.71.

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