Plesk 7.0.1 for FreeBSD and Fedora Core 1 Ready!

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    SWsoft is pleased to announce the release of Plesk 7.0.1 for FreeBSD 4.9 and Fedora Core 1. This is the newest version release of the redesigned award winning Plesk 7 software that ships with a list of new features including a completely new easy to use feature packed interface, SpamAssassin the open source anti-spam software, a new subdomain manager, multi-level trouble ticketing system, and a new Plesk Application Pack delivering customizable point and click installation of pre-packaged applications.

    Plesk 7.0.1 features a number of fixes for issues reported by existing Red Hat users and will be the basis for a Red Hat 7.0.1 patch to be released in approximately 1 week along side of the 7.0.1 production builds of Plesk for SuSE and Mandrake.


    What's new in Plesk v.7.0.1 build 040225.00

    [+] New OS version supported (Fedora Core 1).
    [-] Server disk usage is displayed properly.
    [-] Upgrader problem with "Too many open files" eliminated.
    [-] Minor errors during upgrade fixed.
    [-] Group Operations on Client accounts issue resolved.
    [-] It is possible to add DNS record with empty "domain name" field.
    [-] Multiple bugfixes in WYSIWYG HTML editor SPAW.
    [-] Problem with setting some IP/netmask pair on Access Restriction Management page eliminated.
    [-] Issue with MAPS spam protection disabling resolved.
    [-] It is possible to use IP in Custom Buttons URLs now.
    [-] Plesk account with capital letters in login name is now able to use
    [*] Integration with Virtuozzo is improved.
    [*] gallery version changed to 1.4.2 (security vulnerability fixed).
    [*] Major security fixes.


    To Download Plesk 7.0.1 for FreeBSD and Fedora Core 1 go to downloads section of SWsoft site. You will need to be a registered user of the download section.

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