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    In my environment, I have 4 SCCM Primary Sites across 3 domains.

    In my NA domain, I have primary sites PR1 and PR2. In my AP domain, I have a primary PR3. In my ER domain, I have a primary PR4.

    All site assignment boundaries are on PR1 and PR2. Everything from the NA domain has a site assignment to PR1 and everything from the AP and ER domains have a site assignment to PR2. (PR3 and PR4 are only out there for distribution points to hang off of) When I have a client in either AP domain, or ER domain, and I try to register the PMM agent using my NA credentials, it fails with a boundaries error. When I try to register the PMM agent using AP or ER credentials, it assigns itself to either PR3 or PR4 depending on the domain. Again, this is with all site assignment boundaries for AP and ER going to PR2. Can someone explain to me how I am getting a boundary error to PR2 when the client is in a boundary assigned to PR2, yet when I try to assign the client to PR3 or PR4 with zero site assignment boundaries, it works?

    Also, when the clients do assign to PR3 or PR4, in the SCCM Console on the computer object, I see the following:
    Configuration Manager Assigned Sites "PR3"
    Configuration Manager Installed Sites "PR3"
    Configuration Manager Resident Sites "PR2"

    So it looks like the agent knows, based on boundaries, where it is at. It is determining that it's resident site is correct PR2 and that is what it should be based on it's site assignment boundaries. Yet, it is still assigned to PR3.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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