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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by kingtks, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. kingtks

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    Ok here is my goal. I am wanting to port forward utorrent in windows xp
    i don't fully understand how this networking works in parallels but i think i have an idea.
    basically mac os is acting as a router. and the windows is connecting to it.

    by default windows is
    and the router (mac os) is

    the only way to port forward is to tell the mac router to forward say port 32456 to and then forward the same port on my linksys router.

    anyone know of anyways to do this? or do i need to ask parallels on a future update to add the capabilities of making router settings just like in a normal setting.

    it would be really cool to be able to type in the ip in internet explorer and there be a parallels router setup and be able to port forward from there.

    anyone got anything for me?
  2. kingtks

    kingtks Bit poster

    and i am currently running bridged to get port forwarding. i forgot to mention i know about that. i just want to be able to port forward shared because the routers i access on a regular basis are very different and i have to manually put in the ip and all that jazz. so i'd like to only have to change my settings from mac instead of two places. and mac has network profiles making it much faster and easier.
  3. Mike Lung

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    If you are running bridged, then the linksys router is directly routing to Parallels (in a sense bypassing the Macs network controls). If you logon to your router admin you should see a Parallels computer as separate device with its own IP address. On the lymksys, you can set up port forwarding for that particular IP address. Hint: it is a good idea to reserve a particular IP address on the lynksys DHCP settings for your Parallels connection. If you didn't do this, since port forwarding is assigned to a particular IP address, it will stop working whenever Parallels is restarted and a different IP address is assigned by the lynksys DHCP server. Also, if you have a Mac Pro, then attached the 2nd network port to the lynksys, turn it on in the network prefs, and bridge Parallels to it (ID=1). The Mac side will run much smoother not having to share the same connection.

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