Post you BSODs here (blue screee / windows crash)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by MatthiasE5, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. MatthiasE5

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    I just wanted to post a BSOD (M1 Win 11). If you have any BSOD too, feel free to post them here too.

    attached: sandisk luxe usb stick 1 TB via apple usb c to usb a adapter, usb drive attached directly to windows, adapter attached registered for macos (not windows). also attached directly via usb c (via windows): samsung t5 ssd.
    macrium does incremental backups every 15 minutes of a couple of documents.

    this setup generally has NOT caused any problems. BSOD came suddenly, whilst doing other stuff on MAC OS (i swtiched to windows and saw the bsod then and only then), not having used windows for half an hour.
    only difference in setup was that ssd is normally not attached , and usb stick is normally attached directly.

    system thread exception not handled usbxhci.sys

    first time this bsod occured.

    did not update windows for 10 days or so, so not resutl of that.
    did update to lates version of parallels 17 a day or two ago, not no problems since then other than now this.

    system booted again, with no data loss.

    tip: use Akelpad with autosave plugin (activate all three plugin files and configue with rightclick). will nicely save every 30 seconds for example. freeware. also set your libreoffice / MS office to autosave every 3 minutes or so.
  2. MatthiasE5

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    The BOSD is clearly related to the Samsung T5 SSD being attached, and usbxhci.sys.
    It happened again.
    Firmware of the SSD, and other software/OS, are up to date, and I was not writing data to the SSD at the moment of bsod.
    In the current case, it might have been related to and issue of me having left the Mac sitting at my desk for some time -- when I came back, Windows was unresponsive (could not click anything). Taskmanager would still work after initiating it via the Parallels Menu. But shortly after, the BSOD as described (driver).
    I could send you more information perhaps (bsod logs) in case anyone from Parallels is actually interested in this.
    I think this is severe.
  3. Corey3



    I just experienced this exact same issue using a Samsung T5. 2022 MacBook Air M2 (12.6 Monterey), Windows 11 Enterprise ARM64 (10.0.22000), Parallels 18.1.0 (53311). If I let my VM go to sleep, I believe that's what is causing the issue. I can control windows and close apps from Mac OS toolbar -> right click -> quit and close all of the open windows before issuing a restart command from windows, but Windows GUI is unresponsive and will blue screen during the reboot.
  4. AndrewS57

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    I have the same issue. Am using Parallels 18.2.0 on an M1 MacBook pro running Monterey 12.6. This issue only manifests when the vm (windows 11 enterprise for arm64) wakes _and_ I have my external Samsung ssd connected via usb c to my Mac that is linked to that windows vm. The windows dmp indicates the exception is "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M (1000007e)" at USBXHCI!XilRegister_ReadUlong+2c. I never had this issue when I was using the same setup on my old intel MacBook Pro. It also doesn't happen if the external drive is not associated with windows but I need that.

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