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    Despite what tech support has told me numerous times over the years, PowerPoint's Presenter View is still not supported. I have tried every permutation of screen mode, coherence and setting, but when a genuine second monitor is connected to my Mac running Parallels and I go into PowerPoint's slideshow mode, Presenter View is never available.

    This, quite frankly, is the deal killer for me. It's the single reason I have spent thousands over the years on PC laptops when I would have preferred to just run and present through Parallels...

    Please, this is a basic feature that should be available.
  2. alev

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    I use it quite a lot. Works fine in Coherence and FullScreen Mode.

    1) Make sure that mirroring displays is disabled on Mac. System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement tab: "Mirror Displays" checkbox should be unchecked.
    2) If using a FullScreen view mode in Parallels - enable "Use All Displays" in menu View.
    3) In PowerPoint ribbon check that "Use Presenter View" is enabled in Slide Show>Monitors. There is also an option to select primary monitor.

    Let me know if it it works for you and what is your experience.

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