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  1. SamS22

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    We use the command Get-RASPubRDSApp to export daily all our published apps to a CSV.
    It seems every few months we outgrow the capabilities of RAS as we have around 10,000 Published Items (Folders and Apps included) and get these timeouts for replies from the connection broker.

    I notice that whilst Invoke-RASExportSettings command takes a long time to generate a full backup file - it doesn't get plagued with the same failed to receive reply error.

    Is it possible to have a command like Invoke-RASExportPubRDSApp that can generate us a CSV of all the Published Apps?
    Similar may be useful for Get-RASPubFolder in the future also to have an export function.

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  2. Christian Aquilina

    Christian Aquilina Parallels Team

    Hi, this is being analyzed internally. however may i ask the reason for 10000 published items as there could be more efficient ways to reduce such a number of published resources for efficient usage? Is it due to various app parameters that are required and thus published each separately?

    Thank you
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  3. SamS22

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    Thanks Christian,

    Yes you are dead right Christian, each item, whilst maybe the same application as another published item, is unique with unique launch parameters (generally an IP address URL)
    This is to connect to the GUI of equipment located across over 900 physical sites on our telemetry acquisition network.
    We have about 40 unique applications to connect to these ~10,000 devices.
    Some devices have specific plugin needs as well so installed on our RAS servers for example we have four different Firefox App-V packages. One with Java 1.7, one with Java 1.8, one with Adobe Flash so we publish the specific application needed for a device with the IP address of the device in the Parameters for seamless connection to the device.

    I have a call booked ([Parallels #4289755] ) on Monday to demonstrate.

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