Precision Touchpad (or continuous scrolling) for Windows 10/11 VM

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  1. DavidB117

    DavidB117 Bit Poster

    Boot Camp has just introduced support for Microsoft's "precision touchpad" driver, allowing for superior trackpad performance on Macs when Windows is booted natively. It would be incredible if this could also be possible in a Parallels Windows virtual machine. Scrolling and gestures are fine in Parallels now, but touchpad performance is still far inferior to that which uses the precision touchpad driver. With the way it is now, there is still no continuous scrolling support for File Explorer, something that is standard with virtually every other Windows touchpad being sold. In several other applications, scrolling can only be done by line (whether one at a time or multiple, configurable by the user). The lack of continuous scrolling makes the whole experience feel clunky and old. Is there any way to implement the use of the precision touchpad driver or something like it for a seamless trackpad experience?
  2. GrahamC5


    I agree completely. The new driver works great under bootcamp. Something similar would be a welcome change to the clunky mouse/trackpad support currently in place for guest VM's under parallels.

    To be honest, this guide advising users to disable inertia scrolling system wide for better compatibility with Parallels doesn't help much:
    I like inertia scrolling. I want inertia scrolling. Why should I have to disable it just to use Parallels' product? This reads more like a reluctance to properly support the hardware they designed their product for.

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