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Discussion in 'Licensing and Activation' started by AmyP1, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. AmyP1

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    I currently have a subscription set to expire in the next couple weeks. It is listed as Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition. When I had auto renew turned on, my price to renew was around $75. I went to add a new subscription. The price listed was around $129. If I were to sign up with a new email account, the "regular price" would be $119, but the Black Friday price would be around $89.

    I understand sale pricing. I understand that renewals might have a favored pricing. I don't understand why my new subscription would be higher than even a brand new subscription.

    What am I missing?
  2. DavidB169


    I'm not sure but I think the sale prices are only valued to new customers and not current members and users of parallels. I have a question myself though. What is the price you have to pay for Windows 11 Pro ARM version? Because I fully understand buy parallels $75 special right now. But what is the price to pay for Windows 11 Pro ARM?

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