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    Sorry but I think you are way off target with the pricing! Take a look at the competition, and you will see that the packaging and pricing is based on usage not the type of VMs:

    Corporate $129 US
    Personal $29 US

    Really think you need to rethink this.

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    I also wish Parallels had chosen lower prices, but remember that Invirtus only dropped their pricing last week. Also remember that Invirtus will only work with MS and VMware, whereas Parallels will additionally handle Parallels' own VMs.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to claim that Parallels is a good buy. However, for me the key issue is per-machine licensing. With Invirtus, the license is per-user. If I have a laptop and a desktop machine, I can use Invirtus on both hosts with a single license. With Parallels, I have to buy two. That's the deal breaker to me.

    Perhaps Parallels Workstation will someday offer the kind of bundling which was just announced for Desktop. This essentially gives Mac users a free copy of Compressor Server with their $39.99 pre-order of Desktop. Although it's still per-machine, that's a good enough deal to compensate.
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