Print to Mac Printer from Vm with Bonjour

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by markflynn, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. markflynn


    Hi All

    Don't know if anyone else has discovered this. If you turn on Printer sharing in Mac OSX and Windows sharing. (Don't know if windows sharing bit is really necessary, but I had it turned on).
    Then download and install Apple Bonjour for windows

    in your VM (Windows XP, 200 or 2003 only), this gives you a Bonjour printer wizard on the VM desktop.
    Run the wizard, you will see a list of your Mac printers, choose the one you want to use, when asked for Manufacturer and Model select Generic and Generic/Postcript respectively (This is regardless of printer type, Mac OS translates the postscript back for the printer to understand).

    Marky Mark
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  2. wizzo


    I have an HP 1012 connected to an AirPort Express base station. The base station has support for Bonjour built into it.

    With Bonour installed on XP in Parallels, I've been printing to it since Beta 3. Works like a charm.
  3. PubGuy


    Using Bonjour, you do not need to enable Windows Sharing on OS X. Any of your OS X shared printers will show up and you can access them. Yes -- this is sweat!
  4. iMaccoreduo


    Hi guys,

    I did exactly as markflynn said and it worked perfectly. But, I did have to open the "Printer sharing" on the Mac OS X side through the Mac firewall. Otherwise, it would not complete the set up.
  5. virek

    virek Bit Poster

    Cheers for the tip well.
  6. PubGuy


    Yes, obviously Printer Sharing has to be enabled on any Mac OS X computer that is sharing a printer. The point being that the Windows sharing mode does not to be enabled to connect to and print to a Mac shared printer. Again, for security, a lot of people do not like enabling the Windows sharing on their Macs, but it is not necessary if you only want to share printers via Bonjour. ;)
  7. gemillam


    WinXP SP2 with Bonjour problem

    I have Bonjour installed, and it saw my shared Epson Stylus CX4200. I installed the drivers, and connected to the printer (Bonjour found it in a rather Mac-like!). However, when I print a test to it, it thinks about it for a long time and doesn't print, saying it is having a connection problem.

    I am using an Intel iMac using Airport for my network connection. I have Windows Sharing and Printer Sharing turned on so that I can share files and, hopefully, a printer with the two operating systems. I have my mac's Home folder set up as drive Z: in Windows. Anyone know what my problem is? Is the file sharing causing the connection problem?
  8. gemillam


    One last detail

    I do have CA's eTrust EZ Antivirus running on XP. it hasn't gone off while trying to print, but it did somewhere in the installation of Bonjour and the drivers. I told it to ignore what I was doing. Perhaps its related to the problem?

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