Printer only showing as "Print to PDF (Mac Desktop)"

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by CatherineG1, Sep 11, 2021.

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    Sorry if this is already answered, I searched the forums and couldn't find it.
    My config : W11 on Parallels 17 and MacBook Air M1
    I have two usb printers, on at work, one at home. The one at work works fine.
    At home the printer is seen and displayed by parallels in the peripheral menu, but only shown in windows as "Print to PDF (Mac Desktop)", wether it is selected or not in the menu.
    Two questions here :
    - How can I make this printer appear as a regular printer for direct print from windows
    - What is and how can I disable this "Print to PDF (Mac Desktop)" thing ?
    Thanks all for your help

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  2. Hello, are you able to use your printer on your Mac side without any issues?
  3. CatherineG1

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    Yes. Actually I may have solved the problem by sharing the printers over the network on the mac side.
    I can now print from windows on both printers.
    But I cannot use the scanner on both printers. Is there a specific driver (Twain ?) to install ?
    Thanks for your time
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