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  1. AtifS

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    I have installed RAS on my premises and its working perfectly as expected the only issue I am facing is that I am unable to redirect printers on my RD Session Host sever, i have setup universal printing as mentioned in Administrator Guide.


    Atif Shahzad

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  2. jpc

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    What version of the server are you using?
    Does the issue happen only with HTML5 Gateway or it happens also with some other client (like "Parallels Client" for Windows) ?
  3. MarcelB9

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    I'm having the same issue (V16.1).
    When connecting to a Windows TS via published desktop the redirection works, but when I do the same on a published desktop of a Remote PC (win7Pro with Thinstuff Terminal Server) no redirected printer can be found.
    I've followed the Article ID: 123690 and according to the popup the printer is installed, but nothing is there.

    any suggestions?
  4. Danil@Parallels

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    Hello MarcelB9, thanks for posting. The issue you are having has already been identified by the engineering team and is being worked on. It should be addressed in one of the upcoming product updates. You can Watch this thread to know about the fixes and improvements to be released. Cheers,

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