Printer Support for Page Sizes of 11 x 17 and greater

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  1. StephenH14

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    Hi there,

    When I print in parallels it uses a color Laserjet 2820 AiO PS Class Driver regardless of the actual printer that is selected. The 2820 driver does not have native support for larger that Letter/A4 page sizes. I have a number of printers I routinely use that support larger page sizes. Moreover, the CAD drawings I do typically target larger page sizes. The printers I use include a LaserJet M5035 (11 x 17) and a Designjet z5400 which support paper width of upto 42" with indefinite page lengths.

    I have tried defining a custom size in the 2820 driver, but it still outputs as a Letter size page, hence cropping image... And when I do a final print on the correct paper size all I get an enlarged, cropped version. The only way I have had success with large prints is to export them as PDF's, then open and print them using Preview on the MAC.

    Given that the majority of applications that aren't available on the MAC tend to be Engineering programs --- in particular CAD programs --- this is a significant problem.
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  2. alev

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    Hi Stephen,

    I see that printers sharing that Parallels Desktop does is not suitable for formats that you use.
    I suggest you to disable printer sharing in the virtual machine configuration, setup these printers in Windows (you will need to connect them using USB or via network and install drivers). And try to print this way

    Let me know if it works for you.
  3. JackyC1


    Hi Stephen
    I laso have this problem. Did Alev's solution work for you?

  4. ChrisTom

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    My problem is similar, but because I'm running Windows 11 ARM many printer drivers do not work, so this is not an option.
    I have Zebra and Epson Colorworks label printers with various sizes, and they are completely unviable in Windows 11 ARM. Having the option to specify paper sizes would be a useful feature to help Apple Silicon users.

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