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    Ever since I upgraded to Parallels 7 for Lion, I having trouble finding the correct font for checks and reports in Quickbooks running Windows XP on my virtual machine. Never had this problem in Parallels 6. I always used "Times" as the default font but now it doesn't look the same and has bad spacing between some of the characters. I do not see any improvement in printing like they say in Parallels 7. Thanks for any help.
  2. Larry Goldman

    Larry Goldman

    Parallels 7 Problems Printing on Mac Lion

    I, too, am trying to print from Windows XP, SP3, from Parallels 7 on a Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 machine to a Brother MFC-8220 laser printer. I'm printing via the "Like A Mac" auto-installed printer.

    A simple WordPad document in (basic, vanilla) Times New Roman font does not print correctly -- it looks like it is substituting some other font.

    Actually, a "Print Test Page" from XP to the Brother Laser printer fails, too :(

    On the Mac, a TextEdit document in Times New Roman font _does_ print correctly.

    Printing directly from XP to the Brother Printer via the USB port _does_ print correctly.

    Any fixes?
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    Parallels 7 printing issues

    Per Parallels tech support on another thread:
    Please try to reset your printer via Apple Bonjour

    This works!

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