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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by RalfS13, Nov 30, 2022.

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    when we try to print documents larger than 3 pages with RAS universal printing the print job fails.

    The last lines of the client log file always have the following messages when this happens:
    [D 08/00000000/T6434000/P1C26] 30-11-22 12:47:29 - Send printer list - 2 items
    [W 08/40000000/T6434000/P1C26] 30-11-22 12:47:29 - PrintJob: failed to find collected printer info for id=''
    [E 08/00000000/T6434000/P1C26] 30-11-22 12:47:29 - Failed to process printing job file 1
    [D 08/00000000/T6434000/P1C26] 30-11-22 12:47:29 - Printing job file 2 (of 2) rejected

    A few additional notes:
    • I see this error on 3 different macOS computers with 3 different printers (connected via network or USB), and even PDF output on macOS.
    • With a Windows client (in a VM) printing does work.
    • The application used for printing on the server does not matter, a business app, Firefox, Acrobat reader all cannot print larger documents.
    • When I manage to set some printer settings and can disable the "extended printer features" (multi page layout, etc.), then the print job turns into a RAW format and this again does print. Unfortunately the important business app does not seem to honor those settings, or they get reseted before the app really prints.
    • Using the printer redirection feature does kind of work, but this prints all pages in duplex format (front and back on one page). While this does save some paper, it is not always desired.
    My questions are:
    • Does anyone else see this error?
    • Is there a way to disable "extended printer features" by default on the server?
    • Is there a way to disable the duplex mode for redirected printers?
    (Parallels Client 19.1.0 (build 23468) on macOS Monterey, Server 19.0 and 19.1 on Windows Server 2016)


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