prl-vm_app to constantly uses 100% CPU for only ONE VM

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Tyrone Howe, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Tyrone Howe

    Tyrone Howe

    prl-vm_app constantly uses 100% CPU for only ONE VM

    Hello All

    Having problems with one Windows XP VM causing prl-vm_app to constantly use 100% CPU.

    I am running Parallels 6 (Build 6.0.12094) on a MacBook Air, 4GB memory.

    I have been using another Windows XP VM for months with no problems at all. It runs Office and Visual Studio perfectly and when idle, the corresponding prl-vm_app only uses about 5% CPU.

    Yesterday, I used Parallels Transporter Agent to migrate another Windows XP installation to my MacBook Air. Whenever I use this new version, prl-vm_app pegs the CPU at 100% straight away (even before Windows has loaded) and stays at 100% even after Windows has loaded and is sitting idle.

    It’s very odd that two Windows XP VMs run so differently on the same machine.

    I have carefully checked the Configuration of both VMs and they are the same (1GB memory, 1 CPU etc.). I have also gone into device manager in the second high-cpu VM and reinstalled the processor driver. Makes no difference.

    Please does anyone have an idea of what I can try next?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. wycliffe


    You want to delete the Windows Application folder from the dock on the Apple side.

    From the Parallels Desktop menu, select Virtual Machine/Configure/Options/Applications and uncheck the Show Windows applications folder in Dock. Then reboot although not necessary.

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