prl_cc.exe holding inappropriate file handles

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Chri12345, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Chri12345

    Chri12345 Junior Member

    Windows 7. When I try to use the Windows Explorer to rename a folder on my C: drive, it refuses and says the "folder or file is open in another program". When I look at all the handles on the system (Sysinternals handle.exe), the only process that has a file in that folder open is prl_cc.exe. It's holding on to a seemingly random file in that folder.

    The file that prl_cc.exe is hanging on to is some random subdirectory deep in the Visual Studio 2008 project; I am trying to rename the top level folder of that project. It's a subdirectory or file that I have never accessed from the Mac - it's bin\x86\blah. VS has surely accessed that file this week, but not lately.

    Nothing on the Mac side has anything open. This is all on a freshly booted Mac.
    First thing I did after starting the VM was to run Windows Explorer.
    The only other thing on Windows is running the diagnostic handle.exe in response to the error message.

    prl_cc.exe actually has 105 handles, of which about 100 seem random and suspicious.

    What's going on here?

    I don't think I had this problem for the last two weeks when I've been using this VM.
    Now I can't do any work at all and seem to be totally hosed!
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  2. wonder_mice

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    What exactly path to file that is holded by prl_cc?
    A list of all 105 opened handles also possibly will help.
  3. Chri12345

    Chri12345 Junior Member

    Some combination of forced shutdowns and reboots etc. cleared this problem.

    Now that I am not experiencing any problems, looking at prl_cc.exe, it appears to have file handles open to every Start Menu item (most of which I have not launched), all the apps that I have ever launched in this session, and a bunch of Windows junk. These are examples of things which I do *not* consider suspicious.

    I have been using Maclook, if that's an interesting bit (probably).
  4. henkster

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    I am seeing the same issue. Executable files I created in my development environment are being held by prl_cc, so I can't delete the files or containing folders. Restarts of Windows and // don't help.
  5. Chri12345

    Chri12345 Junior Member

    I wish I knew what finally cleared this condition, but at some point I just got frantic and lost track.

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