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Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by LorenzoD4, Jan 28, 2023.

  1. LorenzoD4

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    I tried to use prl_convert --allow-no-os command on a virtual disk (Ubuntu 20.04) created by virtualbox but the console responds with the message "The source virtual disk contains no operating system."
    How can I import the virtual disk on parallels?
  2. Pavel Merkulov

    Pavel Merkulov Parallels Team

    Thank you for your feedback.
    If you want to convert only the disk of the original virtual machine, run the command below:

    prl_convert /Users/somebody/Downloads/Test/Test.vmdk --dst=/Users/somebody/Parallels/Test.hdd --allow-no-os --stand-alone-disk

    (Example: /Users/pavel/Downloads/VirtualBox/Ubuntu.vmdk --dst=/Users/pavel/Parallels/Ubuntu.hdd --allow-no-os --stand-alone-disk)

    If the issue still persists, please take a screenshot of the command and send back.
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  3. HarishN

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    Hi @Pavel Merkulov, I'm able to get a .hdd file using the above command. How can I use it to create a parallels machine?

    ▶ prl_convert SEED-Ubuntu20.04.vdi --dst=./seed.hdd --allow-no-os --stand-alone-disk
    Conversion progress: 100 %
    Estimated size: 11287203840 bytes
    Resulting VM boot firmware type: 0
    Resulting path: '/Users/[...]/Labs/SEED Labs/SEED-Ubuntu20.04/./seed.hdd'
    The source third-party virtual disk was successfully converted to a Parallels virtual disk stored in /Users/[...]/Labs/SEED Labs/SEED-Ubuntu20.04/./seed.hdd.

    I'm trying to emulate this setup on virtualbox:

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