prl_convert and reconfiguration.iso

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  1. Scott Bass 123456

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    Parallels Desktop 9 For Mac
    Build 9.0.24237
    (Revision 1028877; Wednesday, July 2, 2014)

    I've used prl_convert to convert a VMWare Fusion VM:

    prl_convert SAS-University-Edition.vmx
    WARNING: Reconfiguration iso is unavailable. Linux guest reconfiguration is impossible
    Conversion progress: 100 %
    Registering the virtual machine...
    Running DVD reconfiguration...
    Warning: Failed to reconfigure virtual machine.
    The source third-party virtual machine was successfully converted to a Parallels virtual machine stored in /Users/myuserid/Documents/Parallels/SAS-University-Edition.pvm.

    Needless to say, the error messages are pretty stupid. First it says the reconfiguration is impossible, then it says it failed to reconfigure the machine, then it says the conversion was successful :-/ ???

    So, perhaps the error messages can be improved in the next release. Consider this a bug report.

    However, the converted VM does appear to work in Parallels.

    However, the reconfiguration.iso looks like it should be in /Users/scott/Library/Parallels/Downloads. At least, that is where the converted VM is configured for the CD/DVD. I've searched this directory, and no reconfiguration.iso.

    So, where can I download the reconfiguration.iso file? Google and searching this forum returns no hits.

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