prlctl is now a 'Pro' or 'Business' version tool ONLY

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 0ffbeat, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. 0ffbeat

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    Firstly, as a long time Parallels user (since about v5) I have always considered Parallels as a product that rarely lets me down, and the gold standard for virtualisation on OSX.

    So it is with no pleasure at all that I must say I am totally ****ed off that prlctl is now a 'Pro/Business' version tool only. I like to autostart a Windows VM when I boot my Mac, WITHOUT using auto-login which is a woeful security practice. No problem in parallels 10. A quick plist file that says 'prlctl start <my VM Name>' and a LaunchDaemon and voila, my VM starts *before* I log into my Mac. This is the way I liked it. Moreover it's the way I needed it. This is the only command line tool I needed/used from Parallels v10 and prior.

    Now as of version 11, if I simply want to run this command all of a sudden I must subscribe to the professional package at a cost of $124.95 PER YEAR, just to have a VM start without me logging in. The only way around this, is to set myself up to autologon to my Mac, and then use my Login Items, which as previously mentioned, obviously kills the security of my Mac.

    I can understand if other 'advanced features' become Pro/Business only, but starting a VM from the command line? That's 'pro'? Cmon.
    So, in order to use up-to-date VM software and achieve the above without ridiculous recurring subscription fees, I have to move over to VMWare Fusion. And once I start using that, who knows, maybe I'll move ALL my licenses and VM's across?

    Sorry Parallels, just because we want to use the software at home and use a command line tool doesnt mean we should have to subscribe to a package you have aimed at developers and business users. I cant help but feel cheated over this.
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  2. EricS

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    I wholeheartedly agree. I have always used prlctl to control a Linux VM on my Mac that I use for remote access. This setup helps keep the Mac system more secure while allowing controlled remote access via standard Linux tools and protocols. I can no longer SSH to my Mac to control the Linux VM, which severely limits my remote access setup.

    To top it off, before I upgraded to 11, I scrutinized the advertised differences between editions, which did not in any way mention the fact that the command line tools were going to be removed from the standard edition.

    Please, Parallels, restore the command line tools to all editions, and let the actual "Pro" and "Business" features discriminate those editions.
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  3. bousan

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    Same story here.
    I was using Parallels Desktop constantly since 6th version, but the last upgrade from 10 to 11 (still Parallels Desktop Edition) looks more like downgrade.
    Command "prlctl start VMname" was moved to Pro Edition without any word (sic!).
    I hope Parallels will bring back all functionality of prlctl do Desktop Edition. I don't wanna change VM software but I do need command line interface. And it's what I was paying for and what was silently taken away.
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  4. FaustineV

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    Is there an update for this one? Can we now use prlctl command in standard edition?
  5. FrancescoR3

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    Have the same question
  6. AbrahamA1

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    There is no support to change stuff on a Mac OS VM via GUI.
    Seriously, if I knew I would consider buying VMware.
    Now when the shared network is broken on Mac OS Sonoma 14.1 I canĀ“t get any network connection.
    I just want a working machine.
    Parallells, can you at least answer?
    prlctl set "macOS" --device-set net0 --type bridged 
    Involved 'set' command option is available only in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro or Business Edition.

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