Pro/Engineer in XP now unusable with 4560

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ymatto, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. ymatto

    ymatto Bit poster

    Updated this morning to the new build. Generally, I have to say, it feels more stable that the prior release. However....

    Pro/Engineer suddenly is completely unusable -- specifically graphics rendering is suddenly incredibly slow. Regardless of the complexity of the model or graphics options enabled or disabled, everything in the main view window is so laggy as to be pointless. Buttons and other UI elements are just fine, so it seems like it must be a video driver issue. I never saw this problem previously.

    Any tips? I've tried installing Parallels Tools again to no avail, but I can't think of anything else to test or try.

    Guess I'm back to rebooting (very glad that I'm using a Boot Camp partition instead of a virtual disk install, for just this reason) until this can be fixed. I'm a little bit regretting having just paid for Parallels if I now can't use it, as Pro/E is the entire reason I need it.

  2. ddfrye

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    I don't know if Pro/Engineer works anything like Microstation in the video support department, but FWIW I had related problems with Microstation V8 XM edition when I upgraded to Parallels 3.0. I found that there were many graphics artifiacts and miscellaneous problems with the display in Microstation when I turned on the DirectX support. Apparently Microstation doesn't like Parallels' implementation of DirectX.

    I did find, however, that when I turned off the DirectX support, Microstation went back to its own software DirectX implementation. At that point Microstation worked just as well as it did with Parallels v2.5.

    The short end of this story is: if you have DirectX support turned on in the Parallels machine settings, try turning it off and see if that helps.
  3. ymatto

    ymatto Bit poster

    I just checked and interestingly, DirectX was already turned off. I tried turning it ON and it didn't seem to change things at all -- same super-lagginess in Pro/E.


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