Problem installing WIN XP

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by simple farmer, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. simple farmer

    simple farmer

    I have an IMAC with OSX 10.4. I downloaded and installed and successfully
    activated Update RC2 of Parallels Desktop for MAC.
    I tried to install WIN XP using the Quick Start Guide. I successfully executed all
    steps through page 9 (thereby activating Parallels Desktop).

    I then went to Ch 4: “INSTALLING WIN XPâ€.
    I starteded Parallels. The “Untitled Virtual Machine†window opened.
    I inserted the WIN XP disk in the slot.
    I clicked the “Power On†(green arrow) button at the right margin of the window
    to start the vrtual machine.
    I got an error message:
    “Currently opened virtual machine does not include any boot devices. In order to
    be successfully booted, the vm should have at least one of: floppy, hard disk,
    CD/DVD-Rom Driveâ€.
    l looked at the “Resources†box in the “untitled VM†window and it only has
    “Memory†listed. No CD or DVD.

    I’m stuck. What next?
  2. joem


    Add the devices!
  3. Landscaper


    I am having a similar problem. Supposedly windows xp installs, but just as it finishes installing, it says that it is going to start windows, then parallels turns off. From there I am not sure what to do. In addition to that, my windows xp disc sounds kind of rough while spinning in the drive.
  4. skamd


    Agree with Windows XP Install problems

    I have just bought a brand new MacBookPro 2.16Ghz, 1G RAM. Rushed out to get the Parallels software, and coughed up the $200 for Windows XP Home edition.

    Parallels has loaded OK. Whilst I get part way through the installation process for XP, it all comes to a halt once the VM starts processing the XP disk. Mostly I get multiple "Press Enter" to proceed prompts, which get me nowhere. Sometimes, the blue Windows screen starts up, and a scrolling of drivers commences running at the bottom of the VM box, but it does not complete, and finishes with either error messages (no 2 are the same), or a crash.

    I agree with another forum poster that the XP disk also runs "rough" in the drive. The spinning disk sounds alarmingly noisy.

    I have had the XP disk checked by an IT tech at work, who put the XP disk onto a Dell laptop, and the install process worked perfectly. So the issue appears not to be an XP issue. It is either Parallels, or Apple. The problem is, I don't know who to direct the issue to - Parallels, or Apple?
  5. joem


    It sounds as if your drive is faster than the one that your tech tested in, and it's running a bit off center, and skipping. If you copy the disk on another machine, you might get better results. If you create an iso image of the disk and install from that, you might get it to work also.

    If you are looking to fix the blame in addition to the problem, you might consider blaming Microsoft's manufacturing process that produced an off center disk.

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