Problem seeing host XP shared drive in Linux Guest OS

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by ehowell, May 17, 2006.

  1. ehowell



    I am currently running SUSE 10.1 as a guest OS on Windows XP.

    I would like the two machines (real/virtual) to share a folder.

    I would just use samba on the Linux side but I am on a specialized domain at work and having some trouble (meaning I'm not smart enough to figure it out).

    Is there a way to define a shared drive in XP and have the guest LINUX OS find it? Or is samba from Linux really the best way to go?

    Any and/or all help would be appreicated!

    I apologize if this is somewhere blatant, I did multiple searches before starting this thread.

  2. constant


    It should only require having "something" shared in XP, and then connecting using samba.

    You should be able to have an entry in /etc/samba/smbfstab (read smb-f-stab) to make the connection automatically on startup.

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