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  1. tei

    tei Guest

    2X universal scanning feature can't work well in our system.
    Let me explain our test environment and all procedures we have done.

    Test environment:
    2X Server(8.1.875):
    Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit
    Xeon CPU 2.53GH×2
    RAM: 12GB HD:552GB

    2X Client(8.1.875):
    Lenovo X60s
    Windows 7 Enterprise /Windows XP professional SP3
    Intel Duo CPU 1.66GHz×2
    Mem 1GB
    Disk 50GB

    EPSON GT 600


    1. install a scanner via USB to a client system, the scanner is EPSON
    GT 600 with twain driver Epson Scan Rev.3.0n.
    2. publish Irfanview 4.26.
    3. enable universal scanning feature on servers.
    4. add Irfanview from scanning applications tab.
    5. on the client, in the 2X client's options dialog box, click the 2X
      universal Scanning tab and select EPSON GT-S600/F650 as a default universal scanner.
    6. open Irfanview 4.26, select 2X Universal Scanner 2.0(32-32) as
    TWAIN source and then click Acquire/Batch to scan.

    After these procedures, we couldn't get the universal scanner work.
    We could hear voice from the scanner after clicking Acquire/Batch, but
    Irfanview disappeared and kept no response.
    We checked task manager, and we could see 2xclientscan.exe in process tab and CPU used is 0.

    The OS we used is windows2008R2(Japanese).

    Thanks for any help.

    Jia Cheng
  2. davidsaliba

    davidsaliba Guest


    While Irfanview works in may cases, it is not a stable product with terminal servers.
    It stops occasionally even using a network scanner.
    So the issue might be related to the software also. What were the results with other programs ?

    Make sure all the users that shall scan have full rights on the folders used by the scanning application.
    We had issues with customers having users scanning with apps that could.

    Open a ticket with 2X support if the issues persist, if you have a support agreement I am sure you will get all the help possible.

    Hope this helps

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