Problem with Windows Clients trought internet conection

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by RichardF3, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Hi, i'm confuring the 2X Portal, but i can't acces with Windows clients trought the WAN, from IOs runing OK, and from LAN it's already OK. The erros is CODE [02/00000006]
    How can i fix-it?
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    Hi Richard,
    As for the description you provided - most likely that we have a connectivity issue here.
    Please review the following article and try to follow suggested steps to resolve the issue:

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Have a nice day!
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    Dear All,

    I have as of late changed to Ubuntu from Windows. I am utilizing 12.10 right now. Will move to 14.04 soon. I have figured out how to make everything take a shot at Ubuntu aside from an application I use at work. Its called 2x RDP. I have introduced its Linux form, and ran the exe utilizing Wine yet they both give me mistakes. Other people is utilizing the application from Windows however I can't utilize it from Ubuntu. Can anybody help me investigate the issue?

    I am posting the blunders I get. It was working fine when I was on Windows.

    At the point when going through Wine:

    2X RDP -

    Code [02/00000006]

    The customer couldn't set up an association with the remote PC.

    The no doubt foundations for this mistake are:

    1) The servers are excessively caught up with, making it impossible to benefit your solicitation.

    2) The machine is not part of the ranch.
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