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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Shelob, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Shelob

    Shelob Bit poster

    Hi folks

    I have no need to run Windows on my Mac any longer and so I have decided to remove Parallels and my Windows VMs. I had Parallels 3x, which I discovered after installing Snow Leopard won't work on my upgraded OS anyway, so I uninstalled it using the uninstall app.

    I had read and understood that uninstalling Parallels did not remove the VM, but I uninstalled it first believing that I could simply manually delete the VM (.hdd file, right?) afterwards. However, I am now unable to locate the .hdd file but I can tell from the amount of disk space I have left that the file is still very much present (prior to uninstalling I checked and it was ~100GB).

    Before uninstalling Parallels I had a lot of trouble with what I believe was either a virus or a hard corruption in my Windows VM (another reason for just walking away), but I suspect this issue of an "invisible" VM results from not removing it using Parallels, rather than anything to do with a possible Windows virus or corruption (but full disclosure!).

    Please assist - I can't have 100GB of space sucked up by a phantom app. I also cannot afford to purchase Parallels 4 just to delete the VM - there must be some resolution to this...

    Many thanks!
  2. Shelob

    Shelob Bit poster

    I have managed to locate .hdd file - turns out Finder searches don't scour within Username/Library unless the Library directory is specifically selected.

    What I would appreciate is a list of the files that should be removed manually now. If I simply delete the Library/Parallels directory will this be sufficient or are there other files I will need to track down? Is there a "manual removal" resource document of some sort - I've been unable to find something as specific as what I'm after.

    Thanks very much
  3. Robyn Elmslie

    Robyn Elmslie Junior Member

    It would be really useful to have a definitive manual removal guide

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