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    Stacey M

    Everytime I visit this sight I am unable to see how to start a thread or post a question or even email one of the PVM technicians who are posting on this site. When I click email Stacie it says " not allowed " !
    Any clues would be appreciated.
    The only choices I see are " Post Quick Reply ", " Post Reply " or " Go Advanced "
    What is Forum Jump ?
    Is my choice of " Display Modes " incorrect ?
    The Apple Computer Support Discussion website is what I am familiar with and post often. What is the trick with using this Parallels Forum ?
    Basically I want to start a thread and be able to get input from PVM techs on how to solve problems.
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  2. Stacey M

    Stacey M Parallels Team


    if you want to send me a message you should click 'Send a private message to Stacey M' in my profile.
    To start a thread you should enter the part of the Forum you want to post your thread at. There you will see a list of threads and in the bottom of page you can find an orange button 'New Thread'.

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