Problems with parallels 7

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by KOADOG, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. JPearn

    JPearn Member

    So what part of USB doesn't work ?? Lion or the VM ??

    More importantly when will the official fix be, or are we beta testing an expensive upgrade ??
  2. spiralyoda

    spiralyoda Bit poster

    Just my two cents:

    For me there seems to be a relation to FileVault : I don't get the first boot fails & second works issue if I disable FileVault on the disk...

    Of course, I don't consider this as a correct workaround because I have a laptop that I bring with me all the time, and I don't want to let all the data it contains in danger without FileVault mechanism.

    I hope you will soon provide us with a patch, otherwise I will be forced to ask for a refund of Parallels.
  3. J_Browne

    J_Browne Bit poster

    Mr Milk, thanks for the temporary fix. Seems to work fairly well - no longer have the double reboot and the start up seems to be faster, not as fast as with P6 - and the shut down is much faster. Parallels, when can we expect a permanent fix?
  4. ZhenchuanW

    ZhenchuanW Bit poster

    Same problem here: boot up& shut time increase by 300%, Problem Report ID: 10061492

    Sent a support request, the support guy gave me this response:

    Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:-
    •Quit Parallels, restart the Mac and go to the following folder and delete it:-
    •Also please go to Mac SystemPreferences>>Users&groups>>LoginItems and delete all entries.

    Apparently the support staff didn't understand what's happening and I won't bother to try this.

    Hopefully PD engineers could fix this issue.
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  6. BriceC

    BriceC Bit poster

    How does Parallels deal with updates? If I bought 7 now, will I be able to later upgrade to the version that doesn't have these bugs without paying?
  7. ALuchkin

    ALuchkin Bit poster

    On my laptop as a virtual system installed Windows XP Home. The main operating system: Mac Lion.

    Parallels Desktop 6.0.12094.676494:
    - In standby mode windows is ~2.5-3% CPU.

    Parallels Desktop 7.0.14920.689535:
    - Absolutely the same situation in the processor spends ~8-10% CPU.

    I take into account two processes: "prl_vm_app" and "Parallels Desktop".

    Why is that?
    You write about improving performance, but in reality it is not.
  8. RonaldSchierer

    RonaldSchierer Bit poster

    Hello - after reviewing the thread: Is is true to say, that all issues with slow boot/shut-down appears on systems with activated FileVault ?
    Or, does anyone has also issues with "normal" systems ?
  9. sgprinthead

    sgprinthead Bit poster

    I have never enabled FileVault on my Lion/Parallels 7/Win 7 MacBook Pro but I have the same slow/double boot startups and longer shutdowns. So annoying! I think all that upgraded should get a fix first then have the upgrade charge refunded. I just can't believe this went out without someone in quality assurance seeing this big bug.
  10. JPearn

    JPearn Member

    No filevault here . . . and no issues with the USB problem that Sandro mentioned I might have with the 'fix'
  11. RonaldSchierer

    RonaldSchierer Bit poster

    Is this an issue with all users ?

    Hello - luckily, the upgrade did not work by a different issue during the purchase process. However, is that an issue which all users are reporting , is there anybody where it works as PD6 ?
    I am also wondering that it would not have been detected before delivery.
    Also, in regards the performance: Some users are describing that the utilization is increasing at 8..10% in idle mode. My system works at 2..4% in idle mode.
    Hm, overall, it does not sound too good to upgrade to PD7 for now.
  12. GeneralWorker

    GeneralWorker Bit poster

    good to see this thread as i am about to buy online the PD7.

    i just bought my MBP 15" last Saturday and thinking going virtual for my Win7. i guess i will have to stay on bootcamp to save my dollar.

    thanks guys!
  13. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Member

    Don't be too put off about PD7!

    PD7 is better than PD6 as far as speed goes in Lion anyway.

    Apart from the startup/shutdown issue and one major crash I had with copy and paste (even worse than 6 :( ) it looks pretty good, when they sort out the issues I will install it again.
  14. KOADOG

    KOADOG Junior Member

    Come on parallels....users can come up with solutions but we here nothing from you. At least tell us when we can expect a refund for "testing" your beta.
  15. VNN

    VNN Bit poster

    Add me to the list of users facing this issue. It's *REALLY* annoying!
  16. vcsjones

    vcsjones Bit poster

    I am definitely having the problem where Parallels + FileVault2 is causing Lion to ask for my password twice while booting the host OS. Removing Parallels removes the problem, and re-installing it brings it back. I have an open ticket here: 1207275
  17. OnEmAnArMy

    OnEmAnArMy Junior Member

    I've got a MBP i7 6,2 with SSD. Since i've installed PD7 the boot and shut down time have been tripled :(
    I've just removed PD7 and speed are back to normal.
    Please fix this because we do need PD :)
  18. Luca-

    Luca- Bit poster

    Only a question... the "boot and shut down time" problem is only LION related, or it's present also in SNOW LEOPARD?
  19. JesterbeanA

    JesterbeanA Banned

  20. Djscoe

    Djscoe Bit poster

    Not upgrading now

    I was just about to upgrade my MBP and my MBA to Parallels 7. Glad I found this thread. I'll wait.

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