Problems with Parallels Compressor on XP

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Menace, Jan 14, 2009.

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    John, I just want to make this clear:

    1. This thread started with post #1 where I didn't mention "Kaspersky" at all and in post #7 you wrote that zone alarm is causing memory leak with "Zone Alarm, Windows Firewall and AVG - Uninstall them (except Windows Firewall) - this is the case of low memory."
    2. In post #2 Peter (Parallels) recommended to turn off Windows Firewall and anti virus and to disable Kaspersky.
    3. I mentioned in my post #5 that the problem happened only with Service Pack 3, AVG 8 Free Edition, Zone Alarm and Windows Updates (and no Kaspersky) installed. Then "Kaspersky" was only mentioned by me because I just did another test with it on a fresh installed Windows XP.
    5. In post #14 we found out that the swap file gets corrupted by Compressor itself - no matter if we install and uninstall Kaspersky or any other Internet Security or anti virus programs and that this a known bug since at least July 2008 so actually we don't need a new thread with detailed explanation for reporting the bug of Paralles Compressor anymore.
    6. So there was no need to contact Kaspersky like you have mentioned in post #17.

    It hasn't been misspelling - it was more likely misreading or misundestanding.

    The Parallels team had just guided us in the wrong direction to solve the problem here.

    Best regards.
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    Thank you for explanation, Menace,

    Please, start the machine, click on Help in Parallels Desktop menu -> Report a problem. The report will be generated and sent to Parallels and you will be shown a problem report number. Please, provide this us with number in your next reply, so we can transfer it to Development.

    Thank you in advance.
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    See post #11 & 14 - I am outta here.
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