Problems with scrolling Max M1 Pro in the program CScalp

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nik505, Dec 14, 2022.

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    Hello! I have a Macbook 14 M1 pro.
    In one of the programs (CScalp) installed on Parallels, there is a problem with mouse scrolling. Scrolling works very fast and jerkily. Scrolls through 10+ lines at a time. But in other programs, everything is fine and scrolling works smoothly and slowly.
    The problem is with the program "CScalp".

    The following actions did NOT help me:
    1. Changed the scrolling speed in the Windows mouse settings. The value is set to "1 line". This did not affect for scrolling in the "CScalp" program in any way, but scrolling became slower in other programs;
    2. Disabled the scrolling inertia in the Mac OS settings (it got a little better, but it didn't change the situation). I set the scrolling speed in Mac OS to "1";
    3. I installed different applications for individual scrolling settings in the program.

    Please help me solve the issue!

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