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    Since I am getting no response / help from Parallels, I thought I would see if anyone here has had a similar problem and knows a solution.

    I have a new (purchased in December) Intel iMac with 10.5.1 and installed Parallels 3.0 build 5582 which I just upgraded to 5584 but that did not solve the problem. My virtual machine is a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2.

    I have installed Parallels on two other machines (running 10.4.x) with no problems.

    After installing 3.0 I started it for the first time and was prompted for the install of the virtual machine. I installed Windows XP and everything went fine. I kept Parallels running for a few days as I installed other programs in Windows. When I finished a quit Windows and then quit Parallels. The next day when tried to start Parallels it would not recognize the installed virtual machine and prompted me to install as if it was the first time.

    I checked in Preferences and the location of the machine is pointing to the correct location:


    The configuration file shows the hard drive is at:

    .../Documents/Parallels/Windows XP/winxp.hdd

    If I double click the winxp.pvs file the virtual machine will start and work fine. If I start Parallels from the application icon I get the screen to do a fresh install of a new virtual machine. If I use that screen and select "Custom" and then select to use and existing Hard Drive everything works fine. However, when I quit Parallels and restart it again I am right back where I started.

    Any thoughts?

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