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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BarryB5, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I've been evaluating several different virtualization packages for the past few minutes in order to determine which product best suits my needs.

    With the recent update of Lite v1.4 now requiring a perpetual license for even Linux guests, I'm left wondering what would be the reason to pay for it? It seems to me now that there is no advantage to users choosing the Lite edition as it costs $99 a year yet comes with less features than the Desktop edition that is a once off cost of $79? It appears that the only advantage is that it is available via the App Store but that is a minor convenience I would be more than willing to sacrifice for the lower cost of the Desktop edition.

    Note - that even if I went with the Pro edition, I am still getting better value for money versus the Lite edition. What I am hoping is that Parallels have decided to basically merge the Lite and Pro editions so that they are identical (except that Lite can be installed via the App Store). But I have not seen any evidence of this.
  2. @BarryB5, we also would like to inform you that now the existing users running Parallels Desktop Lite of earlier version who had no subscription are being granted with a free 1 year subscription.
    And unfortunately at that moment we cannot provide you with any info about merge the Lite and Pro editions until any updates will be available.

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