PSA 2.0 New Releases

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    We have recently released patches for the PSA 2.0 Standard product line as well as an update to the PSA 2.0 RPMs. The following lists the latest releases related to PSA 2.0 software.

    PSA 2.0 Standard
    Full Install and Upgrade - build010911.01
    Patch - build011011.15

    PSA 2.0 RPM

    For new installations of the PSA 2.0 Standard install or upgrades from PSA 1.3.1 users should install/upgrade using build010911.01 and then run the latest PSA patch build011011.15.

    For new installations of the PSA 2.0 RPM install or for upgrades of previous PSA 2.0 RPM installs users should install using build011015.

    Contact for questions related to use of any of the PSA releases.

    Pete Tewksbury
    Plesk, Inc.

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